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At Lily Mist Naturals, we believe that natural products are milder, gentler and safer to use on the skin.

Our products are hand designed by me, personally, and I select what goes into each of them and make small batches to ensure freshness.  I have chosen to use naturally healthy plant oils, butters, extracts and essential oils for gentle scents assuring you have a non-toxic start to daily cleansing.   

  Our creamy, bubbly, moisture laden luxury soap actually gets milder and richer over time.  Because I use essential oils for a soft natural scent,  the scent may fade over time. Pure essential oils just don't have the staying power of synthetic fragrance so I make smaller fresh batches when supplies get low.  I may be temporarily out and that just means what you order is the freshest it can be.

Our soap is made the old fashioned, cold process method which retains the natural moisturizer called glycerin.  Each bar is a generous 4.5 oz. (or larger) size.  I use a select a blend of oils, butters and fats, each chosen to add a specific quality to the soap, add water,(or milk or juice) sodium hydroxide (needed to turn oils into soap and is not in finished soap), natural nutrients, essential oils for a gentle scent, pigments, micas, and herbs for colors. Within 24 hours a chemical reaction occurs (called saponification) and the result is a wonderful batch of gentle cleansing goodness called "soap". 
Keep in mind, each batch will look somewhat different due to it's hand-made nature and keep your soap dry between use to extend it's life.
  If it sits in water and gets very soft, just remove from the wet environment for a day and it will re-harden.
I have tested each formula of soap and body product on myself, family and friends, now referred to as "test subjects", before offering to you, my customers. Only when needed for your safety, are preservatives added. This is primarily in products that have added water (lotions) or may be exposed to shower water (like sugar scrub). 
Visit this site often as I'm always working on something new to enhance your cleansing experience.
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