About Us

As a young mother in the 70’s, I started making my own baby food after learning of unhealthy ingredients in convenient jar food. Many thought I was “a bit over the top” in doing this.

I grew veggies to can and freeze and made batches of home-made natural creamy goodness to slather on my body so I knew what was going on my skin.

Later, after entering the “world of beauty” through my cosmetology career,  I found myself surrounded by toxic chemicals. Owning my own salon gave me “some” control of the exposure of so-called beauty chemicals to myself, my clients and staff. That was the beginning of my search for safer salon products which proved to be very difficult in my industry. Although I found some, I cannot say I was very successful.

Now at the second half of my life and nearing the end of my beloved cosmetology career, I renewed an interest  in chemistry and how elements do what they do.  This opened me to the world of formulating natural soap and skincare.  It's an obsession, really, to pull together wonderful skin nourishing oils and butters into creamy, bubbly goodness that allows the skin to be as normal and healthy as possible.

With my business background, my first instinct was to offer my formulations to others interested in limiting their exposure to daily cleansing chemicals.

Enter Lily Mist Naturals