Shampoo & Body Bar

Shampoo & Body Bar

A variety of natural scents available.

An all natural shampoo in a solid bar without all those nasty chemicals.  Cleans the hair with lots of fluffy lather and does not strip the natural oils from the hair.  This soap contains a blend of plant oils, butters, and botanical infusions which nourish the hair and scalp while gently cleansing.  This is a total body, head to toe, gentle cleanser.

Perfect for travel!

Lather the bar in hands, smooth the lather from roots to ends of hair, rinse well.  I do recommend using a tiny amount of conditioner to close the cuticle of the hair to reduce tangles.

For those sensitive to lanolin or egg, this formula has the smallest amount of lanolin and egg yolk for shine and conditioning. 

My hair and scalp love the clean feel after using this solid shampoo and I have medium fine, blonde, highlighted hair.

NOTE: Because this cleans hair well, it tends to fade chemically color deposited hair although brightens chemically highlighted hair.

Saponified oils of: coconut, olive, palm, castor, sunflower, shea butter, avocado, jojoba, lanolin (1 TB for entire batch), egg yolk, rosemary extract, silk, select blend of essential oils for soft scent. Natural colors.



$ 5.00